Comparison between two chemiluminescent automated assays for the 25-OH Vitamin D quantification


Our laboratory has a lot of experience in 25-OH D quantification and we have always tried to work with the method closest in line with the gold standard. For this reason, we decided to evaluate the new immunoassay Lumipulse® G 25-OH Vitamin D assay (Fujirebio), the only sandwich method existing on the market and with a novel method to separate the VDBP, not by thermic or chemical effect, but by substitution.

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Automated measurement of 25-OH Vitamin D on the LUMIPULSE® G1200: analytical validation and method comparison


Our laboratory has extensive experience in the development, evaluation and implementation of Vitamin D assays. With this background, we evaluated the performance of the novel Lumipulse® G 25-OH Vitamin D assay (Fujirebio), comparing results with a conventional assy (CLIA). This new assay is different from the current ones available on the market because it is the only method using a sandwich immunoassay instead of a competitive assay and due to its unique VDBP release method (substitution instead of pretreatment method).

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Experience of a private laboratory with the LUMIPULSE® G1200 system


Three years ago we decided to work with the LUMIPULSE® G1200 from Fujirebio using their tumour and thyroid markers, as well as ferritin, IgE and vitamin D assays. After three years of experience in routinely using the system, we are really satisfied with the choice we made. Both the reagents and the system work perfectly and we don’t have any complaints at all.

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