Soluble mesothelin-related peptides (SMRP) – High stability of a potential tumor marker for mesothelioma.

Author:  Weber D.G. et al.

Weber D.G., et al.
Cancer Biomarkers. 3(2007)287-292.

The stability of the soluble mesothelin related peptide (SMRP) was evaluated using the MESOMARK assay in a population of healthy volunteers.

The goal of this study was to look at the effect of long term storage, short term storage and multiple freeze-thaws on the level of SMRP in serum. A total of 98 samples were collected and stored at -80ºC, 30 samples from the total were aliquoted and stored at different conditions for testing of the samples for 5 days at -80ºC, at room temperature and results after 10 freeze/thaw cycles. The researchers first looked at the SMRP distribution in the normal patient population and used this to calculate the cut-off for SMRP. The researchers ran a number of statistical analyses on the data set and set their cut off at the 95th percentile of the log normal distribution, which resulted in a value of 1.5-1.6 nM. All of the evaluations for the SMRP stability gave results that were within the assay imprecision which shows that the SMRP is a very stable marker in serum. The researchers did report a small increase in the SMRP values over 5 days following multiple freeze/thaw cycles, how-ever this effect does not take place after a single cycle.

Overall the SMRP has a high level of stability in serum in multiple conditions and the use of SMRP is not limited based on sample stability.


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