Mesothelin family proteins and diagnosis of mesothelioma: analytical evaluation of an automated immunoassay and preliminary clinical results

Author:  Di Serio F; Fontana A; Loizzi M; et al.

Di Serio F, Fontana A, Loizzi M, et al.
Clin Chem Lab Med. 2007;45(5):634-636.

Di Serio and colleagues assessed the analytical performance of the MESOMARK Assay (SMRP) on a DSX automated analyzer (Dynex Technologies). The kit performance obtained by this group report that the imprecision of the assay was lower than originally reported and may be due to the use of the DSX Dynex automated analyzer, making this assay suitable for use in clinical laboratories. In addition to this analysis they investigated the ability of the kit to measure SMRP in a group of patients diagnosed with mesothelioma. This portion of the analysis looked at a patient set that included non-asbestos exposed healthy (109), asbestos exposed healthy (26), Asbestos related diseases (66), non-malignant pleural disease with effusions (10) and malignant diseases that included lung cancer (30) and mesothelioma (24). Their testing resulted in a sensitivity of 67% and a specificity of 92.5% when evaluating the mesothelioma patients compared to the at risk, healthy subjects. They confirm the information from other researchers that the SMRP concentration is significantly elevated in mesothelioma patients, and is higher in patients presenting with epithelial type.


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