MESOMARK™: A Potential Test for Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma

Author:  Beyer H et al.

Beyer H, et al.
Clinical Chemistry. 2007:53(4);666-72.

This publication by Beyer et al. discusses the validation of the MESOMARK assay, as well as, performance and potential utility among patients with mesothelioma. For the analytical testing OV569-reactive antigen was added to serum, the clinical study samples were collected from healthy patients (n=409) and patients with malignant (n=500) and non-malignant conditions (n=177).

Mesothelioma patient samples versus healthy subjects show a significant increase in the MESOMARK value when comparing the two populations. A cut-off 1.5nM results in 99% of healthy patients with values below the cut-off and 52% of the patients with mesothelioma had values above the cut-off. This study also confirms the elevation of SMRP in epithelial type mesothelioma as compared to sarcomatoid, as well as, some elevation of the biomarker in patients with lung cancer. The authors also investigated a small subset of patients longitudinally which resulted in an increase in values prior to detection of recurrence by standard methods. The biomarker data shows that the assay can effectively measure SMRP values in patients and that it has potential utility in the monitoring of patients with disease, and should be investigated further for detection of mesothelioma in exposed populations.


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